Paris Hotel rates highly in the places I’ve stayed at on my journey. The rooms were cheaper and better than any other pensions or hotels in Selcuk. The staff were fantastic, they went above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable. When dropping you to Ephesus, they tell you everything they must see. A must stay while in Selcuk.
                                    Kerri-Lee, Australia
Hotel Paris was excellent. Clean, tidy and friendly staff. Nothing was a problem! Close to town, gave us a bed at 6.00am after and overnight bus from Canakkale.
                                    David, New Zealand
From the moment we arrived here we were treated with care and kindness. It was great and honest service that won us over. The rooms were excellent and out of all the hostels/hotels we’ve been in, this was the cleanest. I really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it to anyone.
                                    Dana, Canada
Great hotel. The first we’ve been to that provided us with AC at low cost. Helped make our stay enjoyable. I will look forward to coming here again.
                                    Shafiq, England
Thank you for everything, see you next time.
                                    Agilera, Spain
Thanks for all the useful info and generosity. You made my stay here really easy and pleasurable. What a great team.
                                    Matt, South Africa
Wicked time in this town and mainly in this hotel. The most welcoming town I have been to in Turkey, good people, friendly and not trying to cheat on you. Really had such a good time here.
                                    Victor, Brrazil
This hotel is very nice and the people are wonderful.
                                    Minako, Japan
We were guests here and received a warm welcome. Service was great. We had very nice moments spent in Paris Hotel which is in Selcuk town. Thank you and see you soon.
                                    Stephane, France
A wonderful surprise on our visit to Ephesus. The staff were very friendly nad helpful in arranging our transportation, and we enjoyed a wonderful night on the patio playing cards, drinking tea and enjoying everyone’s company. We'll happily recommend Paris Hotel to everyone we know.
                                   David, United States